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Don't waste precious time trying to guess when your business needs to fundraise. Hear it from an expert who has explored all the paths ahead and got it right.

Emma Shaw will take you along on her funding journey in which she and her two co-founders at Library of Things decided it was time to raise outside funding and successfully raised one million pounds in aligned funding.

Our masterclass will run for one hour. We have limited tickets so that we can keep the class a reasonable size, so click below to secure your seat now 🎟️


I'm Esme !

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Firstly, thank you. It's great to have you here!

I've always wanted to run a business on a model that was fair and treated profit and purpose as equals.

I've been a founder and worked with over 100 start-ups, and I have faced so many complex challenges when raising money and building a business on my terms.

I built this Alternative Funding School essentially, as a solution to the start-up challenges I faced funding my own business. 

I hope that many other founders aiming to balance profits and purpose can benefit from those same lessons.

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Founder, Considered Capital

Your seat is waiting for you 

Discover the fundraising possibilities open to YOU

and learn when to know the right time to make your move

Thursday 5th May 2022 | 4PM (BST), 5PM (CET,) 8AM (PT)

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If you want to be guided every step of the way, then our Alternative Funding School is for you. We provide practical, hands-on support for founders raising mission-aligned funding. You'll be working alongside other founders on the same path and hear from our funding experts live who'll show you which alternative path they took and how they succeeded.