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An Introduction to Funding

We’ll showcase the pros and cons of various funding options and help founders choose the best one for them

We'll cover how to

    • get clear on your funding goals 
    • assess the pros & cons of different funding options
    • access funding

Founders leave with a clear understanding of how much to raise, the pros and cons of different types of funding and where to access it. 

Deciding How To Incorporate

We’ll look at the different legal structures and explore the critical factors that will help decide which structure is right.

We’ll cover how to:

    • get clear on what legal structures exist for businesses in the UK
    • assess the pros and cons of all the options 
    • to access legal support

Founders leave with a clear understanding of what legal structures exist and the potential pros and cons of each and a framework to support making the decision

Exploring Emerging Governance Structures

We’ll explore what type of governance structure founders want to operate under as they build and grow their businesses.

We’ll cover how to:

    • get clear on what governance structures exist for businesses
    • assess the pros and cons of all the options 
    • to access legal support

Founders leave with an understanding of what governance structures exist and the potential pros and cons for each business

Some of our Clients


Who delivers the workshops?

Esme Verity

Hi there! I'm Esme, the founder of Considered Capital.  

I've been doing this work since 2016 - delivering talks, coaching and mentoring to early stage startup founders.

I provide support to communities of startup founders by giving them the tools they need to understand what it means to raise funding.

Whether it’s understanding their funding options, how and when to get started or where to get funding, I provide practical help for founders looking to start fundraising.


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Founder, Considered Capital

What other accelerators are saying

We recommend Esme and Considered Capital to everyone

“Esme did a brilliant job during a panel discussion aimed at offering insights into alternative funding routes to our Women in Innovation cohort. Her breadth of knowledge, authenticity, care and passion for the subject offered a truly valuable experience for the women attendees.” 

- Veronica Frincu, Women In Innovation Award

Our founders left with plenty of information and food for thought

“Esme delivered an engaging and informative workshop on alternative fundraising options for one of our cohorts. She introduced the group to options that were appropriate to their stage of growth and completely demystified the process of raising angel investment.” 

- Steph Lau, FounderVine

Esme gave everyone the confidence to look further and to take those initial steps.

“Esme ran a workshop for our programme for a group of new creative technology businesses making very tentative moves towards investors. Esme took them through an understanding of how the landscape is indeed more complex and also more interesting than first appears.”

- Gill Wildman, Upstarter

Meeting cohorts where they are

Cohorts (2)

We deliver thoughtful, measurable, and practical workshops and talks, all designed to help founders raise funding on their terms..

Our workshops are made up of many months of research delivered in a way that is digestible, clear, concise and interactive.  They are the perfect way to help founders get started on their funding journey.

Empowering founders to see the bigger funding picture

Alternatives to VC

Pros & cons of different funding models

How to understand alternative funding structures

Where to access funding

How to build a successful fundraising strategy

How to speak with investors

Want to help founders speed up the journey to the right funding path?

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If you have any other ideas on how you’d like to engage with us we'd love to hear from you. Whether it be hiring us to deliver programmes, run events, or license our content,  we’re open to new and innovative ideas on how we can work together to help business owners access alternative funding all over the UK and beyond.

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