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Ready to flip your feelings on fundraising so you can go out there and get the capital you deserve? Join our annual masterclass for FREE today.

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Meet your masterclass hosts

'How To Feel Good Fundraising' is a can't-miss opportunity to learn from founders on the journey to raising aligned funding while feeling good about fundraising - and how you can too!

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Hermione Taylor

Founder of Do Nation and member of the Alternative Funding School Kinship

While studying at The Alternative Funding School, Hermione Taylor discovered a funding model called Equity For Good (“EfG”) - rooted in a legally-binding pledge made by investors, it's gaining traction with many founders, and Hermione will walk you through her personal motivation for fundraising using this model.



Simon Kohl

Founder of Future.Coop

Simon Köhl, founded the non-profit open learning platform Serlo while still in secondary school. Serlo now provides community-curated learning resources to over 1 million students per month for free. He is also a co-founder and ambassador at the Foundation for Steward-Owned Companies.

Simon will share his fundraising journey for and how he developed his own debt financing instrument as a tool to raise independent funding for

Esme Verity

Fundraising coach and Founder, Considered Capital

Esme Verity has spent five years connecting founders with the resources and support they need to fundraise confidently. Having been at the coalface of fundraising across hundreds of startups, Esme has repeatedly seen that a founder's confidence can suffer when not shown all funding options, which leads many to hit a wall and creates a blocker for business growth.

We’re empowering you to explore the many other funding routes ahead and find your fundraising confidence today!


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Kate Fleming

Founder of Horizontal and member of the Alternative Funding School Kinship

horizontl is an early-stage for-profit tech social enterprise with a mission to reduce violence, abuse, and exploitation in full-service sex work.

Bootstrapped to date, Kate is now fundraising for patient, blended capital to support both tech R&D and non-profit community work that brings sex workers into the design and governance process. This includes £1M in redeemable equity funding from mission-aligned impact investors and/or program-related investment and £400K in grants and philanthropy.



This masterclass is special because you'll be in the (virtual) room full of founders who are where you are right now.

We're constantly hearing that founders (especially women) are struggling with:


  • the fear of the same funding outcomes as before
  • navigating investor rejections 
  • feeling lost on the journey to raising capital and who are, like you, ready to flip the feelings on fundraising so that you can all go out and get the funding you deserve 

This is the moment you've been waiting for to take your fundraising confidence to the next level. Don't just take our word for it – past attendees have raved about the value and impact of attending our webinars

“I totally loved it!” 


- Araba Torson

“It's great to see so many women in the alternative funding space! Your sessions/webinars are a fantastic resource, Esme. Informative, relaxed and inclusive. You are entitled to feel very, very proud - and happy - about the difference you are making to the often very stressful lives of entrepreneurs.” 


 - Agnes Foy

“I loved how candid it was. I feel like I've learned a lot from having this personal look at VC funding from the other side. Thank you!”


- Romek Goj

“Honest, transparent and informative. Thank you!”


- Emma Rogers

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We envision a world where every social entrepreneur can feel empowered to pursue their funding journey. Do you want to be part of the Feel-Good Fundraising revolution? YES!

Register now and join us on May 23rd at 4 pm BST for this free event!

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During the masterclass, we'll break down:

  • how our guest founders found the right funding fit
  • why women experience the fundraising confidence gap
  • what is ‘alternative funding’
  • how we can all find the right funding path for our business

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