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Panellist and keynote speaker

As a funding expert, thought leader and socially-led business champion, Esme offers valuable insights and practical advice on topics including alternative funding, impact investing, Female Entrepreneurship and more.

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Podcast guest

Esme features on many podcasts sharing her honest story of the ups and downs of being a woman raising money.

At Considered Capital, we're on a mission to:

  • change how women feel about fundraising
  • help founders find alternative routes to capital aligned with their values
  • how to go left when everyone else is going right
  • raising money during a national crisis
  • sticking with your values when building a socially-led business.

If you'd like Esme to feature as a guest, please get in touch below.

Guest writer

Esme writes insightful and practical articles for impactful brands. Partner with us to discuss publishing pieces on alternative funding options, gaining confidence when fundraising and more.

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We regularly run packed-out events both online and offline for impact-focused founders. These include panel discussions, networking hours, and sold-out fundraising masterclasses.

We work with select service providers and organisations to promote your mission and values to our audience of ambitious founders.

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We've proudly supported over one thousand five hundred female founders to step up and secure the future of their businesses.

With the economy in bad shape, many founders need more support than ever with their professional development. Our expertise and proven programmes provide founders with the resources and help to scale while staying true to their values.


We offer opportunities to:

  • sponsor an entire programme
  • directly fund several programme places
  • support a fundraising masterclass or workshop
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