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We offer lots of resources to founders just starting their funding journey and those who have been down the long and winding path and feel stuck. Check out some of our free offerings below.

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Free resources & funding opportunities

We know finding the right funding for your business can be hard work. Whether you learn far down the line that the funding fit is wrong, or you just can't find a funding path that fits your business at all. We've put together a roadmap, a funding directory and a vast list of existing funding sources and guides to help you.

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Our community has so many brilliant founders with vast knowledge to share. We tap into that knowledge together by having a monthly virtual get-together.

During the free networking session, we'll have space to meet one another and share our stories from our fundraising journeys so far, including the wins, the fails, and all that's in between.

Free masterclasses

Each month, we invite funders and founders to share their fundraising experiences and knowledge

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We're always open to seeds of ideas that help us provide you with the support and advice you need. If we're missing something here, drop us a line : )

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