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Whether you're a founder or funder, we're educating people across the globe on all of the alternative routes to funding businesses.

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Free resources & funding opportunities

We know finding the right funding for your business can be hard work. Whether you learn far down the line that the funding fit is wrong, or you just can't find a funding path that fits your business at all. We've put together a roadmap, a funding directory and a vast list of existing funding sources and guides to help you.

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Free networking events

Our community has so many brilliant founders with vast knowledge to share. We tap into that knowledge together by having a monthly virtual get-together.

During the free networking session, we'll have space to meet one another and share our stories from our fundraising journeys so far, including the wins, the fails, and all that's in between.

Free masterclasses

Each month, we invite funders and founders to share their fundraising experiences and knowledge

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Deep Dive workshops

Our Deep Dives are accessible and affordable workshops that explore proven alternatives to traditional funding routes. We'll cover different topics for founders (and funders!) at different stages of the startup journey. We're bringing in experts from across the globe to get answers to some of the most difficult-to-navigate questions in fundraising.

Our flagship six-week alternative funding school


Practical hands-on support for founders raising mission-aligned funding all over the globe.

Summer 2023 Dates: 14th June - 26th July

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One-to-one coaching

Our one-to-one coaching support with Esme will help you navigate the alternative funding landscape. During these coaching sessions, you can ask questions and dig further into specific funding topics.

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Education and training for entrepreneurial support organisations

We educate people both online and offline across the globe. Look at our offerings and bring alternative funding routes to your organisation.

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We'd love to hear from you if you have any other ideas on how we could help you along your fundraising journey. We're open to ideas, both big and small.

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