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We're bringing founders and funders together under one (virtual) roof to hear how Library of Things used a FairX model to raise £1.5 million whilst putting their business mission first.


Tuesday 27th November at 12pm GMT

Can't make this date? We're hosting more this year. To join future Deep Dives, click here to join the waiting list.


Learn from an impact business that successfully

raised £1.5 million

Emma Shaw will explain how:

  • Library of Things is building a regenerative and rewarding business to create value for every stakeholder
  • they attracted funders with their innovative 'fair return' investment model
  • they safeguarded their social mission with a specialised governance structure
  • they set the principles of their intentions to exit, risk and return, and built trust with funders
  • You can apply this model in your fundraise (or find an alternative funding fit for your organisation)

This Deep Dive is for you if you're...


a later-stage founder who's been searching for funding that allows you to stay true to your mission, but feeling like you're hitting a brick wall


an investor/funder searching for new information on founders taking alternative routes to raise capital and want to educate yourself and others on new regenerative funding options


an earlier-stage founder looking ahead to options you might need further down the line to protect your business's mission


Credit: Library of Things Ltd 2023

"What makes the FairX model different from the norm?"

This regenerative investment model works by:

  • putting the business mission first and locking this in with all stakeholders, including investors
  • enabling fair returns to its investors without compromising the impact
  • adopting steward ownership principles, with a guardian shareholder

We'll dive deep into the funding model, taking you through how it works in great detail. 


"I enjoyed the whole journey, the range of different pieces and moving parts, and the methodical approach to planning how you would raise with your perfect investor. Plus really appreciated the honesty, openness and vulnerability when Emma explained what didn't work and the learnings along the journey"

- Gary Todd, Centrakin

"I enjoyed seeing their journey and how they got started, experimented, refined, and learned along the way - all really interesting. Also clearly demonstrated the importance of traction to support the larger raise. Useful for clarity on exactly how their raise was comprised (equity, grants etc.), as I had previously assumed it was all equity. Thank you, Emma for sharing your time and insights. You really inspired me to seek out the right patient financial partners, even if it takes a bit longer to achieve"

- Rebekah Clark, Happy Marlo


trust-based pricing

In a commitment to fair pricing and making funding education available to everyone, we're using a tiered trust-based pricing model to suit where you're at with your business. We have a revenue share with our experts; the rest of the money goes towards running our community.

Please select the ticket that best represents your organisation and stage below.

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  • per seat
  • You might be at the very beginning of your business or a practitioner wanting to educate yourself about innovative funding. Now is the best time to consider funding options supporting your values.

Small team


  • for 2-5 people
  • Joining as a team will allow you to think about funding together and learn from one another's perspectives and hear from others in the room who are further along in their funding journey.



  • for 2-5 seats
  • As a large corporation, it's good to step out of what you already know and hear from others exploring new routes to value-led funding.

Can't afford the workshop? Check our FAQs below.


Get your questions answered by those who have been there before you.

The value of our Deep Dive workshops is that they are live. Not only will you have the opportunity to see who else is interested in value-led funding in the room, but we'll also make space for questions and answers from all parties.

Although we aren't matchmakers to funders and founders, getting both parties around the same table to have these essential funding conversations is always a good idea.

This conversation isn't happening anywhere else, so it's a fantastic opportunity to learn everything you need about this topic in one workshop.

recording only

If you're not available for the workshop date, we're making the recording of the Deep Dive workshop available for £10, but please note that you won't be able to submit a question and access the expert Q&A.

Meet your hosts


Esme Verity

Founder of Considered Capital

Esme Verity is the founder of Considered Capital and is educating founders and funders on the routes to alternative funding. Esme has worked with hundreds of purpose-driven startups, nonprofits and governments to help democratise access to alternative funding sources.  Prior to founding Considered Capital, she was Director of Chapters at Zebras Unite, an international and intersectional hybrid cooperative dedicated to creating new financial instruments for the next economy. Esme is an active angel investor and was named one of the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise by Pioneers Post.

About Considered Capital

Considered Capital is a platform for startups and organisations seeking alternative funding. Considered Capital simplifies and speeds up the journey to finding and accessing the right funding fit through courses, community and content.  


Emma Shaw

Co-founder of Library of Things

Emma Shaw is the Co-founder of Library of Things, a purpose-before-profit company she started with friends Rebecca Trevalyan and Sophia Wyatt. Emma has over 10 years of experience as a social entrepreneur, practitioner and advisor working to create a new economic system that is fairer and more regenerative by design, receiving the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award in 2021 for her work on innovative impact funding models.

About Library of Things

Library of Things (LoT) is an award-winning social enterprise on a mission to make borrowing better than buying for people and planet. Set up as a grassroots experiment in 2014, LoT makes it easy for people to save money and reduce waste by affordably renting out quality items like drills, sound systems and sewing machines from local spaces and connecting neighbours to share practical skills.

Having developed first-of-a-kind technology and a unique partnership model with councils, communities and leading brands like Bosch, Kärcher and the IKEA group, LoT has grown its community-led service 10-fold in London in just two years.

This was made possible by the creation of its pioneering regenerative funding model, which has so far secured £1.5 million in mission-aligned equity investment from 30+ angels, family offices and the crowd and leveraged £1.2 million in revenue and grants.

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I can't make this date, will there be more?

Yes, we're hosting more this year. To find out when the next live Deep Dive will take place, join the waiting list. 


Will you be running other deep dive workshops?

Yes. we'll be bringing in other experts for more Deep Dive workshops covering lots of different topics for founders and funders.

Will you be recording the session ?

Yes, if you miss the session or want to rewatch it,  we will share the recording afterwards.

I graduated from the funding school, is this useful for me?

Absolutely. Our Deep Dive workshops are very different from the content we cover during the funding school. All our alumni also get a 50% discount on all Deep Dive workshops.

Can I attend for free or pay it forward?

We have made every effort to make the Deep Dives affordable for most, but we understand that there might be some who still can't afford it. If this is you and you wish to attend, please email esme@consideredcapital.io (no questions asked). Contributions make sponsored places possible. If you can afford to pay more for your ticket or would like to support our mission, select 'Please make a donation' on the booking page here.

What if I'm unhappy with the workshop?

If you attended the live workshop and you're not satisfied, get in touch in the first 14 days and you will receive a full refund.

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