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Live opportunities

150 grants, accelerators and fundraising opportunities which are live and updated regularly

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This first version of our database will be UK-focused.

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Fast filtering

Save hours with our filter that allows you to see only the opportunities that fit you such as eligibility, deadline, sector and geography

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Direct links

No more searching for the links to apply for fundraising opportunities. We put all the links you need right in front of you to speed up those applications.

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24/7 access

Digital database you can access 24/7 so you can apply for funding opportunities from anywhere on-the-go

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Purpose-driven founders

Everything we create, we create with our community in mind. All opportunities we include will be curated for purpose-driven founders and fundraisers.

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Never miss a UK funding opportunity again.

Search for new grants, accelerators, and more using our exclusive LIVE Funding Database which is updated regularly and curated for our community fundraising in the UK.

Launching 8th July

Already used by over 150 founders and companies 

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"Learning about some of the alternative options was very helpful, and we've now been offered £75k in alternative funding which is what we need right now."

- Brodie at Top Cuvée

Curated by us, filtered by you.

We've been there. Hours and hours spent trawling the web for fundraising opportunities. Then, when you finally find a database, it's either not relevant or out-of-date. With our new and improved Live Funding Database, you'll be one step ahead with new grants, accelerators and the latest fundraising opporunities on a platter. It's updated regularly and curated with opportunities across the UK and beyond.

Why it's useful

the best discovery tool for finding fundraising opportunities fast

designed for founders who are overwhelmed and struggling to find the right resources

tailored for UK impact entrepreneurs and social ventures

Explore how the Live Funding Database can save you time


Whatever good you're doing in the world, there's a fundraising opportunity for you.


  • purpose-led entrepreneurs and organisations operating or fundraising in the UK (regardless of what company structure you’ve chosen)
  • all sectors and individuals - limited companies, CIC, steward-owned, co-ops, social enterprises & SMEs, non-profits. 
  • product and service-based businesses 
  • female founders, and underrepresented groups

Laura Harnett


A fantastic resource for finding all the best grants, loans, and accelerator opportunities for impact businesses. Through their support, I've unlocked schemes like Coralus, which offers interest-free long-term loans, and the Cartier Women's Initiative.  


Ira Guha


Considered Capital is the #1 best resource for social impact entrepreneurs who need to fundraise. I won the Innovate UK Unlocking Potential Award worth £50,000 and the Cartier Women's Initiative, both of which I found through Considered Capital. Both these awards have been game-changing for my business.


Sarah Bailey


This has already paid for itself x3 in funding and partnership opportunities. We learned about and applied for the Tata Varsity Pitch through Considered Capital, which brought in £15,000 and a £2,500 grant from SomeFund.

Fundraising opportunities + filtering + updated by us
= more time for you.



If you work at an accelerator, incubator or similar support programme and are looking to share this with our founders get in touch. 

Ways we can support you on your fundraising journey

If you're ready to find your fundraising confidence, then we provide products and programmes to support you along the way. Check out our current offerings below.

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Our first-ever focused cohort offers women and non-binary people practical, hands-on support for purpose-driven women raising mission-aligned funding all over the globe. 97% of alumni would recommend us to founder friends.

Feel Good Funding Method

If you are looking for an introductory course into raising funding as an impact organisation, this is for you. Identify the best next step on your fundraising journey and meet incredible purpose-led founders along the way.

Thousands of purpose -led entrepreneurs have come to Considered Capital to get the funding that fits their wonderfully wonky-shaped business.