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Naomi Ryland

If you're a Germany-based founder searching for funding alternatives and would like all of your options on a plate, then you're in the right place!

Naomi Ryland has created an exclusive Funding Directory full of non-equity funding options.

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Founder of Considered Capital

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Discover the fundraising possibilities open to YOU

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I've created 'The Considered Directory' for those in search of:

✔a quick go-to funding guide
✔sources of non-dilutive funding
✔lists of funding opportunities

PLUS! You'll receive updates to the funding scene from me as well as regular tips on how to raise funding your way!

What you're saying about us...

This course gave me hope!

There are ways forward when it comes to raising funding for businesses, that strive to serve communities & ecosystems, and mainly their shareholders...and this is where you'll find them!

- Edda Kruse Rosset, KAOSPILOT + Berlin 

Even after raising funds through competition wins, grants, crowdfunding, and VC...

..I learned something new from the course. Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

- Nadia Laabs, SafteyNet Technologies  

I now have a deeper understanding several new funding routes I'd never considered.

When I started the course I only had a vague sense of how to capitalise on a cooperative business like mine. I've now got a clear six-month plan, and I also got to meet amazing people creating brilliant projects!

- Rich Mason, Wings

This course is the best overview of the alternative funding market available.

It is the equivalent of thousands of pounds worth of consultancy and advice and many months of research delivered in a way that is digestible, clear, concise and in a time-frame that is appropriate for busy entrepreneurs.

- Jane Murray, Peace Beam

I was looking to identify investors for my business...

This course gave me some great insights into the emerging field of impact investing and encouraged me to think about our investment strategy in new ways.

- Claire Cooper, ellihome 

I was looking for a dummies guide to investing for startups...

This course is much more than that. Considered Capital is a brilliant introduction to alternative finance opportunities. As a first-time founder, the finance aspect of the business seemed hugely overwhelming.

Esme and Yonca do a brilliant job of breaking the different options down, outlining the consequences to consider, myth-busting, and presenting everything in clear, plain language.

- Rebekah Clark, Happy Marlo


Struggling to find your funding path alone?

There's another way.

Sometimes, funding your business can be slow and overwhelming, even with the right tools to get you started.

We've built the Alternative Funding School to guide founders every step of the way. Alongside like-minded founders, we offer you practical, hands-on support to raise mission-aligned funding. This is a seven-week shortcut to what can otherwise be a long journey.

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