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We’ve joined forces with UK-based social enterprise, Library of Things, to launch a series of practical workshops designed for funders and founders to explore a real alternative to extractive investment

Are you a funder or founder searching for better alternatives to extractive investment?

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We’re launching a series of practical workshops with Library of Things’ Co-founder, Emma Shaw, to shine a spotlight on their regenerative investment model.

We hear all the time from founders wanting to adopt Library of Things’ model to raise mission-aligned funding that preserves the integrity of their company whilst providing a fair return to investors. 

At the same time, progressive wealth holders are searching for better, more transformative ways of investing their money to ensure the impact promised is actually realised. It’s difficult to find pioneering examples of founders doing things differently. 

Our goal is to share the model generously, taking you through the details of how it works and connect like-minded funders and founders together to divest wealth into more regenerative models like Library of Things.

Join a workshop

We’re launching a series of workshops targeted at family offices, founders and foundations, taking you through the nuts and bolts of how the Library of Things investment model works, who’s already backing it and how you can get involved

Family Offices

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We are hosting dedicated in- person and online roundtables for family offices and private wealth consultants actively searching for the most progressive investment models that balance people, planet and profit. 



We are launching a series of workshops for solo-founders, early stage startups and a larger organistations looking to understand how you might raise mission aligned funding that preserves the integrity of your company.


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We are hosting dedicated online roundtables for Foundations and Trusts interested in learning about the most progressive investment models that balance people, planet and profit.


Meet your hosts

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Esme Verity

Fundraising coach and Founder, Considered Capital

Esme teaches about alternative funding and has worked with hundreds of purpose-driven startups, nonprofits and governments to help democratise access to alternative funding sources.  Prior to founding Considered Capital, she was Director of Chapters at Zebras Unite, an international and intersectional hybrid cooperative dedicated to creating new financial instruments for the next economy. Esme is an active angel investor and was named one of the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise by Pioneers Post.

Emma Shaw

Co- founder, Library of Things

Emma has over 10 years of experience as a social entrepreneur, practitioner and advisor working to create a new economic system that is fairer and more regenerative by design. As Co-founder of Library of Things, she received Innovate UK’s Women in Innovation Award for her work on innovative impact funding models. Together with her Co-founders, Emma led Library of Things’ transformation into a for-purpose company that balances people, planet and profit. The all-women team have since raised £1.5 million of mission-aligned equity investment with their ‘FairX return’ instrument.

About Library of Things

Library of Things (LoT) is an award-winning circular economy start-up on a mission to make borrowing better than buying for people and planet. Set up as a grassroots experiment in 2014, LoT makes it easy for people to save money and reduce waste by affordably renting out quality items like drills, sound systems and sewing machines from local spaces, and connecting neighbours to share practical skills.

Having developed first-of-a-kind technology and a unique partnership model with councils, communities and leading brands like Bosch, Kårcher and the IKEA group, LoT has grown its community-led service 10-fold in London in just two years.

This was made possible by the creation of its pioneering regenerative investment model, which has so far secured £1.5 million in mission-aligned equity investment from 275 angels, family offices and the crowd.

What makes it different?

  • Puts mission first and locks this in with all stakeholders, including investors
  • Enables FairX returns to its investors, without compromising impact
  • Adopts steward ownership principles, with a guardian shareholder

With big opportunities on the horizon, the LoT team are actively seeking a new community of wealth holders to power their evolution and help bring borrowing to communities, everywhere.

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