Founder stories

To inspire you on your journey, check out some Founder stories from those who have gone before you and successfully raised alternative funding.

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How to pursue purpose over profit

As a purpose-before-profit company,  Emma and her two female co-founders put the mission of Library of Things’ at the heart of their journey to find patient, purposeful funding. This is their experience of raising over half a million pounds, on their terms.


Why steward ownership

Having started a company with the purpose of democratising the sharing economy, Juho and his co-founder went in search of funding to achieve their social mission. They landed on steward ownership and a radical investment structure.

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How to lead with purpose

Despite all profits going to charity, Toast Ale is a for-profit business keen to raise outside investment. So Rob and his co-founders set about creating an innovative social impact investment model: Equity For Good.


Struggling to find your funding path alone?

There's another way.

Sometimes, funding your business can be slow and overwhelming, even with the right tools to get you started.

We've built the Alternative Funding School to guide founders every step of the way. Alongside like-minded founders, we offer you practical, hands-on support to raise mission-aligned funding. This is a six-week shortcut to what can otherwise be a long journey.

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