Discover Alternative Capital

There are so many options out there, but an excellent place to start is to have a look at a few of the types of funding out there and consider the pros and cons of each.


Grants & non-dilutive funding


Debt & equity


Innovative Finance

Download the Funding Directory

If you have a clearer idea of which funding types are for you, then download our Alternative Funding Directory, full of links to UK funders and funding opportunities for you and your business.

Other country specific directories will be launching soon.

Directory online and physical-min

🇩🇪 In search of alternative funding options in Germany? Click below to access our directory for Germany-based founders created in partnership with Naomi Ryland.


Struggling to find your funding path alone?

There's another way.

Sometimes, funding your business can be slow and overwhelming, even with the right tools to get you started.

We've built the Alternative Funding School to guide founders every step of the way. Alongside like-minded founders, we offer you practical, hands-on support to raise mission-aligned funding. This is a seven-week shortcut to what can otherwise be a long journey.

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